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Whether you’re an avid rider or not, there will come a time when you find yourself searching for a trustworthy bike repair shop. In this article, our team at The Break Bike Shop is taking a look at five of the most common reasons you may need to give us a call!


Flat Tires

Flat tires are perhaps the most common repair needed for cyclists. Various factors, such as punctures, worn-out tires, or improper inflation, can cause flat tires. However, depending on the preferred terrain, other obstacles – especially if on trials – often also come into play.



Likewise, bicycle brake repair is another common issue. Brake concerns can include anything from worn-out brake pads to misaligned brake calipers or even cables that may need to be adjusted or replaced.


Chains and Drivetrains

As you know, bikes rely on a complex system of gears, chains, and derailleurs to transfer power from the pedals to the wheels. Like any mechanical machine, components can wear out over time and require adjustments or replacement.


Wheel Truing

Over time, wheels can become warped or out of true, which can cause wobbling or vibrations while riding. Wheel truing involves adjusting the spokes to straighten out the wheel, ensuring riders a smoother experience.


Cables and Housing

The cables that control the brakes and shifters and the housing that protects them can become worn or damaged and require replacement. Adding weight and increasing friction, this is one repair that generally requires sooner rather than later attention.


The Break Bike Shop | Your Bike Repair Shop

Of course, bikes have many other potential repair needs depending on the type of bike, the age and condition of the components, the amount of riding time, and the terrain you ride. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to perform regular maintenance and inspections to catch any potential issues before they become more significant problems.

Whether simple maintenance or a complete overhaul, the team at The Break Bike Shop is here to help. Call us today and see why we’re Massachusetts’ favorite bike repair shop!


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